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Undergraduate Practicum

The practicum elective for University of South Dakota (USD) undergraduate business students majoring in health services administration provides an experiential learning opportunity in health care and public health organizations. The student pays tuition for six (6) undergraduate semester credit hours. The 6 credit hour practicum requires a minimum of 210 contact hours for the participating organization. (If the practicum is being completed in a long-term care facility, students are encouraged to review individual state requirements to become licensed as a nursing facility administrator.)

The student is expected to submit a portfolio at the conclusion of his/her practicum. This portfolio is to include the student’s project report and presentation, rotation reports, and journal reflections. It may also include facility materials that the student wants and has permission to keep. The portfolio and the Preceptor’s evaluation of the student’s performance form the basis for the pass/fail course grade.
Ideally, a student practicum is a combination of exposure to the Preceptor’s work (e.g., attendance at meetings), a scheduled rotation through facility or organizational departments or units, and completion of an assigned project.


(with support from Practicum Coordinator as requested)

  • Understand content of this packet
  • Understand and sign Internship Memorandum of Understanding
  • Carefully select and plan Practicum Project with Preceptor
  • Complete Rotation Plan with Preceptor
  • Submit weekly Reflective Journal Entries in timely manner
  • Submit Rotation Entries in timely manner
  • Successfully complete project
  • Submit Project Report
  • Summarize Project Report in PowerPoint presentation to key project stakeholders
  • Collect attendance signatures for Project Presentation
  • Complete hard and electronic copies of Practicum Portfolio
  • Review completed hard copy of Practicum Portfolio with Preceptor; then forward to Practicum Coordinator
  • Complete Student Feedback on Practicum at end
  • Sign Internship Memorandum of Understanding
  • Select and plan Practicum Project with Student (addressing issues in Project Planning Template and additional ones as you may determine)
  • Complete Rotation Plan with Student
  • Review Student’s completed hard copy of Practicum Portfolio with Student (and sign attached Portfolio Review sheet when done)
  • Provide feedback to Student on Project Report
  • Attend (if possible) Student’s Project Presentation
  • Complete Student Performance Evaluation (and go over with Student or otherwise forward to
  • Practicum Coordinator who will go over it with Student)
  • Sign Certification of Program Completion
  • Student initiative, flexibility, and attitude
  • Appropriate confidentiality of Student
  • Seek clarification when unsure
  • Careful, complete, mutual planning of Project
  • Selection of a project that stretches Student by is one in which s/he can meet Preceptor’s expectations
  • Careful, complete Rotation Schedule
  • Preceptor ability to free time for Student
  • Spirit of learning and teaching
  • Adequate and responsive support of Practicum Coordinator
  • Graduate Practicum